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Help yourself 2008 by Jane Reynolds

Help yourself  2008

stainless steel, sterling silver, nickel silver, coffee, tea, mineral oil, sawdust, cardamom, tobacco, metal waste.

2,100mm x 350mm

Left click for luck 2008 by Jane Reynolds

Left click for luck  2008

Stick pins and lapel pins: circuit board, stainless steel, 925 silver, clover, terracotta garden pot

100mm(h) x 60mm(d)

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Monday morning, Friday night 2008 by Jane Reynolds

Monday morning, Friday night  2008

Monday morning: lead sheet, copper wire. Friday night: fish scales, fish bones, monofilament

Monday morning: 350mm(w) x 550mm(h) x 250mm(d). Friday night:250mm (w) x 270mm(h) x 200mm(d)

Navigating the interior 2007 by Jane Reynolds

Navigating the interior  2007

12 Brooches: copper, 925 silver, titanium, nickel silver, brass, gilding metal

550mm x 170mm