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Broad-bladed silver server 2019 by Jane Reynolds

Broad-bladed silver server  2019

925 silver

300mm(l) x 80mm(w) x 60mm(d)

Pentagonal continuum 2012 by Jane Reynolds

Pentagonal continuum  2012

Object with brooch: forged aluminium, enamel paint

Object: 400mm(l) x 210mm(w) x 25mm(d)

for Tammy 2010 by Jane Reynolds

for Tammy  2010

Container: fine silver, 925 silver

400mm (d) x 350 (h)

Palmistry 2007 by Jane Reynolds

Palmistry  2007

Binding wire, gold filled wire

170mm(h) x 70mm(w) x 12mm(d)

Not worth the paper it's written on 2006 by Jane Reynolds

Not worth the paper it's written on  2006

Fine silver, stainless steel

180mm(h) x 80mm(d)

Silver servers 2005 by Jane Reynolds

Silver servers  2005

Forged and silver plated gilding metal

each 300mm(l) x 60mm(w)

Three legged vessel 2005 by Jane Reynolds

Three legged vessel  2005

copper, paper

200mm(h) x 300mm(d)