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Red sky at night 2019 by Jane Reynolds

Red sky at night  2019

Brooch: 925 silver, glass

340mm(w) x 470mm(h) x 50mm(d)

Blue unearthed 2019 by Jane Reynolds

Blue unearthed  2019

Rings: 925 silver, Australian rough sapphires

200mm(d)x 25mm(w)

Honey cone 2015 by Jane Reynolds

Honey cone  2015

Earrings: Honey tin, 9ct gold, faceted citrine

500mm(h) x 150mm(d) each

Honey rock 2015 by Jane Reynolds

Honey rock  2015

Earrings: Honey tin, copper, enamel, 9ct gold, haematite

250mm(w) x 450mm(h) each

Honey stop 2014 by Jane Reynolds

Honey stop  2014

Earrings: honey tin, 9ct gold, nylon

250mm x 500mm each

Handcaught 2013 by Jane Reynolds

Handcaught  2013

Ring: 925 silver, fish scales

50mm(h) x 30mm(w) x 175mm(d)

Spiney briney 2013 by Jane Reynolds

Spiney briney  2013

Brooch: fish bones, pearls, 925 silver, stainless steel, glue, paint

60mm(l) x 40mm(w) x 45m(h)

Linecaught 2013 by Jane Reynolds

Linecaught  2013

Neckpiece: fish scales, nylon filament, 925 silver

length - 540mm

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Pentagonal Continuum 2012 by Jane Reynolds

Pentagonal Continuum  2012

Brooch: 925 silver, gold, seashell

55mm x 40mm

Animalmineral 2011 by Jane Reynolds

Animalmineral  2011

Neckpieces: Animal - seed pearls, fish scales, nylon filament. Mineral - 925 silver oxidised, nylon filament

Each 43cm long.

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Bridge to you 2007 by Jane Reynolds

Bridge to you  2007

Ring: computer circuit board, 925 silver, Australian everlasting daisy

40mm(h) x 25mm(w) x 10mm(d)

Slice ring 2006 by Jane Reynolds

Slice ring  2006

gilding metal

30mm(h) x 20mm(d)

Megaphone brooch 2006 by Jane Reynolds

Megaphone brooch  2006

925 silver, resin

30mm(d), 35mm(extended)

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For words like nature 2005 by Jane Reynolds

For words like nature  2005

925 silver, fine silver, garnets

120mm(h) x 90mm(d)

Pilbara rings 2005 by Jane Reynolds

Pilbara rings  2005

925 silver, fine gold

30mm(h) x 25mm(d)

Between earth and sky 2005 by Jane Reynolds

Between earth and sky  2005

Pin: stainless steel, copper; titanium; dandelion seeds

140mm(h) x 40mm(d)

Yarraman pin 2004 by Jane Reynolds

Yarraman pin  2004

Wrist skin bangle 2003 by Jane Reynolds

Wrist skin bangle  2003

Fine silver, vellum

60mm(h) x 90mm(d)